Everybody hates sales people (except this one guy)

Let’s be honest.

Sales people have a reputation for being liars, cheats, manipulators and only interested in themselves.

Except this one guy I worked with…

He flipped the script on how a sales person should behave.

In fact, he still “followed the script” from his company’s perspective.

He said all the words in the right order and handled objections and all that jazz.

But he was unique in one subtle but essential way.

He never tried to convince anyone of anything.

From a traditional perspective, he never “sold” anything…

But everyone bought from him!

He’d constantly make the coveted $1000 week or more in sales.

While the rest of us noobs were lucky to strike above $300-400 bucks.

We sucked…

He ruled.

And I got a chance to tag along with him on day.

Here’s what I learned:

He looked for buyers.

He looked hard… and he kept going until he found them.

He asked one simple question:

“Do you want Karate?” or some slight variation…

Often it was as simple as: “Karate?” while he waved his clipboard.

Most people said no or waved him away but it never phased him.

It’s not rejection of him, it’s just what he was offering.

He’d move… up and down streets and to every house’s front door.

He was getting fit at the same time!

This guy was a machine and all he wanted to do was find people who were INTERESTED.

He wasn’t in their face trying to convince them.

He was asking if they wanted it.

And people respected that.

He was simply a friendly guy who had something SOME people wanted.

So he’d ask… and they’d answer.

Those who were interested were asked more…

“What do you want to get out of Karate classes?”

Often it was stuff like: “Teach the kids discipline/structure” or “Weight loss/ fitness” or “Self defence” and he never had to sell anything like that because that’s what Karate did all on it’s own.

He was a messenger…

And that’s what good marketing/sales is in a nutshell.

Just get out there and find the people who want what you’re selling.

Don’t get in people’s faces and try to convince people on the fence.

Don’t for one minute believe your product/service is suitable for everyone.

Recognise the problems you solve and look for people who have them.

Offer your service.

And you’ll not only sell more product, you’ll have much happier buyers.


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