... For Search engines, youtube, TikTok, FB, or whatever ...

And Learn to connect with Actual Humans

(in their natural habitat)

Your customers DON'T want:

  • Keyword or ad stuffed content 
  • Hard to find info
  • Interruptions
  • 10 second videos begging for views
  • Screaming idiots on YouTube
  • Your life f*cking story 

Your customers DO want EXACTLY this: 

  • Someone who understands their PROBLEM
  • Someone who has a real SOLUTION
  • A way to get it EASILY
  • They want it NOW
  • That's it! 

Pro tip: Almost NOBODY is doing this. (Everybody adds extra steps!)


(It's not rocket science!)

If your content doesn't DEMONSTRATE that you can do that, they're GONE

And if you DO show them, they will click, and buy... almost every time.

Why? Because they're frustrated with all the other jerk-offs who litter the internet with garbage. 

Honestly, most people should be ashamed of the crap they've been putting online.  

It's embarrassing.

I've asked around... and people are sick of the absolute bullsh*t that clogs up the internet these days. 

You don't need a fancy website, a $50,000 guru training course, or a billion years experience. 

You only need to know 3 things: 

  1. What people want
  2. How to get it 
  3. What to do to bring those 2 things together

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It's clean... simple... and you'll-probably-kick-yourself easy. 

Look, you can lurk and just read my emails... that's cool.

Or you can hit reply and I'll actually speak to you. (Actual human here... Wild hu!) 

Or just skip over to the articles and stalk me... do your research, I get it. Makes sense. It's all good... weirdo 😉  

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Whatever you decide, just know this: I actually DO give a sh*t about where you're at.

I'm not just some "guru" or "fly by night" internet salesman trying to get your cash.  (I've been stung by both so hate them with a passion!)

So get in touch and tell me about what's going on for you... and I'll see what I can do to help. 

If it makes sense for us to work on something together, then I'm open to it.  

I'm just some Aussie guy on the internet doing his bit to help clean up around here. 

Chris West